这场大流行对教育的影响最大. We’ve had to make uncomfortable adjustments in the way we do things, but it’s getting easier. 社区比以往任何时候都需要更多的一线医疗工作者, 好消息是, 培训不需要等待. Vocational schools are offering 混合动力 online medical assistant programs to meet demand and keep you safe. 这对学生和公众都有好处.


“必要工作者”一词让人想到医生, 护士和急救人员, 但医疗保健是复杂的, and it requires more behind the scenes care than the public ever sees. Medical assistants are cross trained to manage a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks, from taking vital signs to documenting electronic health records. Without them, clinical professionals would have less time to spend with patients. Fewer people would be served, and critical details could get lost in the shuffle.

超出了流行, the healthcare system expects an influx of new patients as millions of Baby Boomers approach retirement age. Demand for medical assistants is expected to rise as much as 19 percent in the coming decade, 根据 U.S. 劳工统计局. In an era when so many jobs have been made obsolete by technology, 医疗辅助是一个未来的职业选择.


事实证明,这一流行病对888大发真人所有人都是挑战, 然而,888大发真人从中学到的一些教训是有价值的. We’ve found new ways of doing things that have had surprising benefits, 比如把教育带入数字世界.e. 混合动力.

Students in 混合动力 medical assistant programs take some classes online, visiting the school and off-campus training sites for hands-on experiences.. Blending online courses with on-campus learning not only reduces student’s potential exposure to Covid-19, 但它也很方便, 和灵活的. Hybrid education has been a surprising cure for more than one problem.


Hybrid online medical assistant programs are a new way to do school. 培训具有灵活性、互动性、支持性和可负担性.


Some students who don’t seek higher education immediately after graduating from high school never do. 一旦生活的经济责任付出代价, adults are more likely to work full-time hours to buy food and pay the rent, 剩下的有限时间都花在家庭上了. Advancing their career is put on the back burner, and they earn less than they could.

The most obvious benefit of a 混合动力 medical assistant program is that online classes are flexible. 你可以在自己的时间里阅读、学习和做作业. It’s a lifestyle-friendly approach that lets you work and have a family life while getting ahead.

Limited on-campus requirements are a better fit for a busy schedule while still emphasizing hands-on training. You’ll get to work with medical laboratory equipment in the lab and participate in externships, 但没有繁忙日程带来的压力.

Instead of taking classes part-time or piecemeal when time permits, 你可以全职参加, 在几个月内完成学业, 而不是几年. 你可以很快挣到钱.

好处# 2:互动

The primary benefit of traditional classroom learning is face-to-face instruction. 它具有电子通讯所缺乏的个人维度. But new virtual platforms now allow students, peers and instructors to meet face to face online.

You can get the individual attention you deserve while being home with the kids or caring for an elderly parent. It feels like you’re right there in the classroom, sharing projects and collaborating with peers. 当你走向校园,没有人会是陌生人. You’ll still make friends and get to know new people while learning mostly online at your own pace.

好处# 3:支持

忙碌的成年人在教育方面有独特的挑战. They can’t depend on the usual peer groups and weekend study sessions for support. 除了导师的帮助, 混合型课程的学生可以访问在线论坛, 许多学校为了满足个别学生的需要而在不固定的时间上课.

好处4:节省时间 & 钱

少花点时间在通勤上, 你可以把这些时间花在家里,或者在学习期间赚钱, 汽油在油箱里是为了更重要的事情. Did you know that the average student spends hundreds of dollars annually in travel expenses between fuel, 通行费, 停车费用和车辆的磨损? All you need to work online is a computer and an internet connection.

Vocational schools also assist students in their job search efforts, a value-added service they offer for all types of learning programs. If traditional job hunting is tough due to Covid-19 restrictions, access to job boards and the assistance of an advisor is an invaluable benefit.

Finding employment in healthcare may not be hard for qualified applicants but knowing about the best positions is a different story. Vocational institutions work closely with employers in the community, tailoring their curriculum to meet their staffing needs and in return, 当有合适的工作机会时,首先会通知学生. 这些职位中有许多从未公开发布.


Going back to school can seem like just a dream when you’re short on money and time, but 混合动力 online education programs are creating new opportunities for non-traditional students. 现在急需一线医护人员. Enrolling in a 混合动力 online medical assisting program could be your path to a successful future.

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